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Prosum Equipment's Latest offering is a series of component kits that can be combined to create a complete cab. Careful planning was used in its design to create the best featured cab available for the Gator XUV and HPX with the standard ROPS.

Important features that you probably won't find on other cabs include:

  • A light kit integrated into the roofline.  When you go riding through the woods, it's nice to have your lights still attached when you're done.
  • Doors hinged at the front.  When it's time to work, the business end of your Gator is usually the bed.  You shouldn't have to walk around the door every time you want to get back there.
  • Instant access to under the hood.  No parts to disassemble or windshield components to move out of the way.  With this cab, if you want to get under the hood, your first move is to open the hood.
  • A glass windshield.  Laminated for safety just like an automotive windshield, real glass for scratch resistance and clarity that lasts.  Plastics/polycarbonates cannot even touch glass' performance in these areas.
  • Fresh air when you need it.  A flip-open windshield, rear slider window, and lift off doors let in the fresh air on demand...
  • A tight cab when you don't.  That cold, biting wind isn't so bad when you're inside this cab with plenty of sealing materials to keep the drafts and moisture at bay.